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All of our websites include up to 4 email addresses based on your domain name, such as "info@yourdomain.com". We can set up more for you, though there is a small additional charge for additional addresses beyond 4.

Your email addresses can be set up as full-fledged email boxes, each with a specific username and password so you can retrieve email using Outlook Express, MS Outlook, etc. Our email boxes also allow you to retrieve your email via webmail, so whether you're at home or away on a trip, if you can access the Internet you can get your email.

We can also set up your email addresses to "forward" to another email address, such as your current email address. This is especially popular because it allows you to retrieve your email just as you do now without the complexity of setting up multiple "accounts" in your email software. Many people these days use free email services such as Google's Gmail, and that can be a great option for forwarding. You can present yourself and your company to the world with professional email addresses based on your domain name, while you send and retrieve all your email through Gmail.

Contact us if you have any questions about using email.


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