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Bay Area Web Design for Professional Yet Affordable Websites

Quality Bay Area web design services for professional results at affordable prices. We are also expert at SEO/search engine optimization to insure that our customers' websites are highly productive and meet their business objectives, including local search engine optimization for Bay Area clients.

Your website can and should be a very effective and productive way to attract new customers, if (and only if) it's done correctly. Yes, your secretary or nephew or local college kid can build a website for you, but unfortunately, most are worse than no website at all because they present your company in an unprofessional light. Keep in mind that when a potential new customer finds you on the web, their impression of your company is strictly based on what they see and read in your website. If that's not up to par, they will almost certainly go elsewhere. See our article on Common Web Design Errors for examples of things that can harm the effectiveness of your site. If you already have a website but it's not bringing you many leads, see our article on Website Re-design.

Attempting to build your own website can be very time consuming and take away from valuable time you need to keep your company focused on taking care of your customers. Even worse, an amateurish-looking website makes you look unprofessional, will likely not include many elements necessary to make it effective, and will almost certainly do a very poor job attracting new prospects.

Your Website Should Bring You New Customers Consistently

We realize that for many small businesses money is very tight, especially in this difficult economy. It's not easy to spend money on a new or re-designed website or other types of advertising. But at the same time, it's important to keep in mind that you're competing for what is probably a smaller amount of revenue in your market, and a well done website should be your most cost effective way of developing new business. So, intelligent investment in a productive website may be the best way to insure not only survival, but consistent growth of your business.

Here's an example - let's say that you have a local business or practice, a new customer/client/patient is worth $850 for you on average and currently your website is bringing you one new customer/client/patient each month. That equates to just over $10,000 per year, or $30,000+ over 3 years. Not bad, but not great.

Now, let's assume that a well-done re-design and search engine optimization for your website can triple those results. This is a conservative estimate for most businesses. In that case your site would bring you over $30,000 per year in new business, or $90,000+ over 3 years. Would it make sense to invest in your website to achieve those kinds of results? Of course it would be, and you probably also know that if you don't have a well designed and optimized website that does well on the search engines, your competitors almost certainly will be taking business you should have.

We can create a Highly Productive Website for you. Give us a call or email us today to get started. It will likely cost less than you think and if necessary we can work with you to develop a plan that will fit your budget.

We create websites from the visitor's point of view

Creating websites from the visitor's point of view is critical. It insures that information your potential new clients are looking for is easily available to them, and that's the key to convincing your website visitors to take that "most desired action" to contact you, for example, perhaps the most common website objective. Websites are essentially passive marketing tools, which means that you have to anticipate what your visitors want, what they're looking for, and how they want to find it. If your site is well designed to accomodate these needs your visitors are far more likely to give you a call or send you an email and eventually to become a customer, patient, or client.

Planning is the necessary first step to a Highly Productive Website

For any business website to be effective and productive it must be well planned. This means deciding on solid and realistic objectives for the site, especially the "most desired action" you want your site visitors to take, such as filling out a contact form or purchasing your products. It also means clearly defining your Target Audience and then using what you know about them, what they need and want, and therefor what they're looking for to design your website to satisfy them and to earn their trust. We understand this planning process thoroughly and can help you to properly plan a Highly Productive Website for you and assure its success.

The secret of a Highly Productive Website is a professional job in each critical area

Falling down in just one of these critical areas can doom your site to mediocrity. The secret to high returns and effective results from a website is to these things well:

  1. Quality Web Design to promote an appropriate image
  2. Usability, including efficient organization and navigation for Ease of Use
  3. Appropriate Use of Technology to achieve site objectives and to avoid alienation or annoyance
  4. Productive Search Engine Optimization to insure High Volume Targeted Traffic
  5. Marketing Approach to Content creation to maximize Conversion of Visitors to Clients
In addition, we work hard at Personalized Customer Support, including keeping our clients informed with Clear and Timely Communications and ongoing help with enhancements and modifications to your site.

If you prefer, we can do it all for you

  • In most cases we can create all or most of your website for you after a brief phone interview, including effective content writing and image selection
  • Or you can optionally provide us with as much information and/or photos as you wish

Our websites bring you new Prospects. They simply work and work well.

We are pleased to be able to say that our customers are very pleased with the results they get from the websites we create for them. In fact, some have told us that their RKS Marketing website is the best thing they've ever done to find and develop new customers. That's because we build and market websites correctly. We would love to create a highly effective professional web site for you. Give us a call and we can get started or we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to discuss your needs, simply email us or give us a at one of the numbers listed below for a free initial consultation.

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We guarantee the lowest prices in the Bay Area for quality web design, ecommerce, and search engine optimization services.

Call or email us today for a free quote or just to ask us any questions you have on your mind. We're happy to help in any way we can, whether you ever become a customer or not.

Give us a call today and let us show you how friendly and helpful a web design company can be!  (888) 283-8829

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